'Songs of the Earth' embodies Mac mission statement

By Kwame Gayle

When Professor Eugene Rogers came to Macalester, the college’s mission statement caught his interest. He then decided to engage in a project that reflected Macalester’s ideals.”‘Songs of the Earth’ was something that came about when I came to this college and I studied the mission of the college, which is multiculturalism, internationalism and service,” Rogers said.

The “Songs of the Earth” concert, which is the final event on Macalester’s Black History Month calendar, features “an eclectic mass performance of music from Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana, Egypt and African-American gospel.” The concert is under the artistic directorship of Dr. Rogers with the assistance of Sowah Mensah, director of the Macalester African Music Ensemble, and Patricia Brown, a professor in the dance department and choreographer for the concert. The performance will include talented guest musicians and performers, members of the Macalester Choirs, the Macalester African Music Ensemble, student dancers, and friends, respectively.
Seyram Addom, a sophomore from Ghana and a performer in the concert, says the show looks promising.

“I think it will be intense and beautiful, though we’ve been through the structure of the concert only a few times,” Addom said, “but I think the music is going to be lovely and I’m looking forward to that.”

“Songs of the Earth” will be performed this Saturday at 8 p.m. in the Janet Wallace Concert Hall.