Ninth swastika found on campus

On Nov. 14, Macalester Campus Security reported a swastika drawn on a poster on the first floor of Neill Hall. The hate symbol was discovered during a routine security patrol on Nov. 12 between 10:10 and 10:30 p.m. according to the Campus Crime and Fire Log.

This incident marks the ninth swastika that has been found on campus this semester. On Nov. 2, Campus Security also discovered anti-Arab hate speech written on the door of a custodial closet in a residential building.

The campus was informed of the first of several instances of swastikas through notices in the Mac Daily. In President Brian Rosenberg’s campus-wide email on Nov. 3, he announced that no further notices would be published in the Mac Daily.

“There is no guarantee that this lessening of visibility will stop the incidents,” Rosenberg wrote, “but our current approach does not appear to be working.”

On the same day of the president’s email, another swastika was found drawn on a map on the fourth floor of Neill Hall.

Notices of further swastikas are being posted on Campus Security’s website under “Current Alerts.” According to Associate Director of Security Bill Collumbien, these notices remain posted for a week before being removed “as a matter of past practices.” Expiration dates are listed under each alert, but did not appear on the website prior to Nov. 6.

After the notices are removed from the website, they remain visible in the online Campus Crime and Fire Log.

The Mac Weekly is committed to covering further incidents of hateful vandalism on campus.

Jennifer Katz
Staff Writer

Jen Katz (she/her/hers) is a junior English major from Atlanta, Georgia. She is excited to be News editor this semester. When she is not writing for The Mac Weekly, she can be found baking or pretending to understand modern art. Her favorite Mac Weekly article is the one about the middle school golf cart rampage.

November 17, 2017

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