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An open letter to the Macalester administration

The Mac Weekly

November 30, 2017

Editor’s note: This is a reprint of a letter distributed on Macalester’s campus earlier this week. Other students have contributed, but do not feel comfortable being acknowledged as co-writers. by Santiago Padrón, Adriana Sa...

Talking about swastikas and anti-Semitism

Emmet Hollingshead

November 30, 2017

On Nov. 16, at the invitation of the awesome Jewish (Mara Steinitz and Maxine Freedman) and Muslim (Tasneem Issa) student organizers, I spoke to those of us who gathered as members of the Macalester community to object to recent (a...

Ninth swastika found on campus

Jennifer Katz

November 17, 2017

On Nov. 14, Macalester Campus Security reported a swastika drawn on a poster on the first floor of Neill Hall. The hate symbol was discovered during a routine security patrol on Nov. 12 between 10:10 and 10:30 p.m. according to...

Open letter regarding racist graffiti at Macalester

The Mac Weekly

November 10, 2017

Editor’s note: The following letter was created by visiting professor Althea Sircar of the Political Science Department on Nov. 4. The Mac Weekly has agreed to publish the letter and the signatures to the letter as of print ...

Another swastika found on campus

Jennifer Katz

November 2, 2017

On the evening on Oct. 27, a Macalester student found and informed Residential Life of a swastika drawn on a bulletin board in the east wing of George Draper Dayton (GDD) residence hall. Campus Security believes the swastika wa...

Multiple swastikas found drawn in Neill Hall

Jennifer Katz

October 5, 2017

Over the month of September, multiple swastikas were reportedly drawn in Neill Hall. According to campus crime logs, the offensive symbols were reported four separate times – marking bulletin boards on the first, second and fo...

Campus responds to hateful vandalism in private and public spaces

April 7, 2016

Right before spring break, on March 8, 2016, the Daily Piper announced that a swastika had been discovered in a residence hall. The symbol was etched into a wall next to an elevator in Turck Hall. It was not discovered until a ...

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