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Concrete step to fight for the planet: divest!

I haven’t experienced a “real” Minnesota winter during my two years at Macalester due to disappointingly sparse snowfalls. Last summer was equally outside the norm, as the Midwest was hit by devastating drought. Our East Coast counterparts have had similar problems recently, but at the opposite extreme: last week’s blizzard left the region immobile for…

Sustainable Obtainables: Zeroing In on Zero Waste

Sustainable Obtainables: Zeroing In on Zero Waste

One of the most frustrating things about buying any product is fighting to open it.  Once you’ve torn through the outer layer of plastic and cut open the box, you use your sharp object of choice to dislodge plastic zip binds, twist ties, plastic casing, shrink wrap…would you think you had to pay extra for…


Composting comes to campus

If you wondered why someone was walking around campus dressed as a fried egg on Tuesday, Claire Henkel ‘13 can tell you.  “This way, I don’t have to bombard people, asking them to listen to my spiel,” she said. “People ask me first.” Henkel was excited about a new composting system implemented by the college…

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