Compost bins installed in every campus building

Unlike last year, when compost was only collected in four locations on campus, Facilities rolled out green compost bins in common areas of all non-residential buildings, kitchens in dorms and everywhere with paper towel dispensers.

The compost, which will be collected and brought to an industrial processing site called the Mulch Store, may include all food scraps including meat and dairy, coffee grounds and tea bags, food-related paper, paper towels and even pizza boxes.

Signs have been posted to educate community members about what is appropriate to place in compost bins, especially reminding people to compost paper towels instead of throwing them away.

The campus compost campaign furthers Macalester’s commitment to becoming waste free by 2020. According to a study done on campus waste, 45 percent of all our waste is compostable.

For more information on Mac’s compost, check out next week’s issue of The Mac Weekly, to be released September 13.