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[email protected] Week a celebration of community, chance to discuss relevant issues

March 28, 2014

On Monday night, sounds of upbeat salsa music filled the Weyerhaeuser Boardroom as Adelante! kicked off its annual [email protected] week with t-shirt printing and music. “[This week] is the culmination of what Adelante! stands for,” s...

Hip-Hop far more nuanced than we give it credit for

March 7, 2014

“I said a hip, hop, the hippie­­—the hippie to the hip hip-hop, and you don’t stop the rock it—to the bang-bang, boogie say ‘up jump’ the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie: the beat.” These iconic lyrics are fr...

Murray purchases new keyboard for a cappella groups

February 21, 2014

After members of Macalester’s a cappella groups brought concerns that the Music Department was treating them unfairly to Provost Kathy Murray, she allocated money from the president’s budget to purchase a new piano for us...

Thanksgiving Jams

November 22, 2013

Is Thanksgiving the best holiday? I will answer your question with a question: Is pie the best food? If you are still not sure of the answer, move on—there is no space for you in this column. This area is for those who know th...

Online//Youtube Music Awards

November 15, 2013

I didn’t watch the YouTube Music Awards when they aired (if “aired” is even the word for it). I saw the precious ads with Jason Schwartzman every time I logged on to search for a video, but it seemed silly to watch something li...

WMCN// Long Songs

November 8, 2013

Life moves fast! Or so I’m told by anyone older than myself. Apparently, in 2013 everything is a little speedier and a little more hurried than it was in the good old days (Tell that to my barista. I ordered that latte 15...

Concerts// Of Montreal at the Cedar

November 8, 2013

Kevin Barnes is an embodiment of everything inside you that makes no sense but turns you on at the same time. He and Of Montreal are a group of Ids that have been taught critical theory filtered through spam emails. Of Montreal do...

Reed plays “Berlin” at Le Bataclan in Paris. Stills taken from “Lou Reed & John Cale - Berlin - Bataclan ‘72,” courtesy of YouTube user maybetonight.

Lou Reed// A Reflection

November 1, 2013

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