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Bringing Sexy Mac! Much Ado About Nipples

All those people who warned me were right: the winter out here is cold and worse, it’s dry. First my hair dried out, and then the skin on my knuckles and wrists turned scaly and red; my knees and elbows began to drink an uncommon amount of lotion. The desiccation has continued, culminating in the…

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There is a certain solemn immediacy with which I pause over November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR). Started to memorialize the 1998 death of Rita Hester, a Black trans woman from Massachusetts, the texture of TDoR has gained more traction for me as I reflect more maturely on my presentations, identities and experiences through…

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Bringing Sexy MAC! The art of accepting a compliment

Occasionally, other people pay me a compliment, like “Ariel, you look great today.” At one time, I immediately responded to compliments with some variation of “Oh no, no I don’t.” But that was a while ago. These days, compliments still humble me with how gracious I am for the person’s kindness, but I have changed…

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Bringing Sexy Mac! Depersonalizing sex crimes

Due to some inconsistencies in our Bringing Sexy Mac schedule, it looks like I’ll be filling in this week. I considered what to write about for this week, but given recent events, there really was no choice. I feel inevitably compelled to discuss the recent celebrity nude photo leak, because this act demands a strongly-worded…

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