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Discovering the GSRC

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (GSRC) is open to all students, and acts as a valuable space for members of the Macalester community to be welcomed and supported. The center, which is located in the basement of Kagin Commons, is “a student-run space based around exploring different identities and issues related to gender and…

A psychological perspective on personal gender pronouns

A psychological perspective on personal gender pronouns

PGPs are a vital part of Macalester culture. However, this more accepting campus identity has had to be cultivated and nurtured by both the community and administration. Professor and Chair Joan Ostrove of the psychology department offered some perspective on the history and future of PGPs at Macalester. On the changes in the Macalester community,…


“Inspecting” the regression: a response to Schminkey’s “The Government Inspector – A Serious Regression for Macalester”

“The Government Inspector” has made its way to an inclusive, supportive, top-notch liberal arts college in Minnesota. It means that the past and present corruption of meager officials in Russian rural towns translates to modern American realities. We were impressed by and proud of the choices that the Theatre Department made in order to stage…


Sexism is still alive and well at Macalester

One of my classes was on page three of a six-page packet of resumes from former Macalester students when I noticed something: all the resumes were men’s. I raised my hand and politely asked my professor if this was intentional. She looked genuinely surprised and said, “Oh, I didn’t even notice.” The Macalester student body…


“The Government Inspector”: A serious regression for Mac

As many of you may have watched, Macalester’s fall mainstage production was a piece entitled “The Government Inspector”, written in the 1800s. I want to keep that fact in mind as we move through this discussion, and I also want to acknowledge the phenomenal acting that occurred on the stage. I don’t want this critique…