Corrections to our Nov. 18 issue

Corrections to our Nov. 18 issue

 In the Nov. 18 issue of The Mac Weekly, we released an article entitled “MCSG Overseer: winter housing challenges remain unsolved.” This article contained several inconsistencies and inaccuracies that we would like to correct. 

We attributed much of the details of Bobbie Pennington’s testimony to a single conversation had between himself, President Suzanne Rivera and Dean of Students Kathryn Kay Coquemont. However, much of this was actually divided between several different emails and conversations. 

Much of the work done for winter housing has been led by Bobbie Pennington ’24, Emma Kopplin ’24, Ghaicha Aboubacar Ahe ’24, Rennie DiCarlo ’22 and Director of Student Leadership and Engagement Laurie Adamson. 

TMW wrote that in a meeting, Coquemont said that 35 people needed housing at that time. This was actually stated in an email and was an estimate, not an exact count. 

The initiative to house students at another institution does not currently involve Residential Life. 

TMW wrote that “[Interim Chair of the Student Organizations Commit tee (SOC) Mariah] Loeffler-Kemp [’24] began her work as interim chair of SOC by proposing two new student organization charters to the LB, although the two organizations cannot hold official meetings or events until next semester.” The second half of the statement is not accurate. 

As always, our intention is to ensure fair and accurate reporting that adequately represents the very real issues impacting students, and we will continue to strive for this goal.