MCSG reflects on module 5 update, plans ways to engage students through CEC

MCSG reflects on module 5 update, plans ways to engage students through CEC

Rose Giblin-Vance, Staff Writer

This week, the Legislative Body (LB)  discussed committee updates including the creation of mental health training for student org leaders on Presence and distributing gift cards to students for a raffle prize to help local Black-owned businesses. 

Class representative Lola Brown ’23 and Lizzy Burton ‘21 at the Civic Engagement Center (CEC) discussed planning an event for module 4 inviting state and local representatives for a town hall. Brown plans on holding a question and answer session before the event to hear what types of issues students want to discuss and what questions they may have as well. 

Brown said that she hopes the event helps to demystify Minnesota state politics for Macalester students.

“Even though you may not vote in this state, you are still a constituent and are affected by their policies,” Brown said.

Brown also announced another upcoming event called the First Time Renters and Tenants’ rights webinar, held by the CEC to help educate first-time college student renters on housing rights through featuring panelists from local organizations such as Homeline and the Housing Line. 

The LB then entered breakout rooms to discuss mental health, communication, resource accessibility and campus sustainability.  

On the topic of mental health, several LB members discussed concerns about the module 5 course schedule, which was recently announced to the student body. Some students expressed concern about the fact that many classes are reserved for incoming students in the class of 2025, whereas many upperclassmen students had hoped for more courses that fulfill general education requirements. 

Diana Paz ’21, senior MCSG representative, also raised questions about module 5 logistics.

“Do student organizations still meet during mod 5?” Paz said.. “Will MCSG have to meet during the summer due to the fact that most people will be on campus?”

With registration for classes in less than a month, the office of the provost recently contacted students with a pre-registration form that students will need to fill out in order to receive a registration PIN number. Students interested in module 5 classes should fill out the form by Feb. 12. 

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