MCSG gives election updates, welcomes new members

MCSG gives election updates, welcomes new members

Rose Giblin-Vance, Contributing Writer

In the latest MCSG meeting, members of the Legislative Body (LB) discussed updates and welcomed new members. 

The meeting began with a land acknowledgement and remarks from MCSG president Fatiya Kedir ’21 about what she stands for in order to inform new class representatives what to expect. Kedir brought up ideas such as financial security and racial justice in order to better educate incoming class representatives on these issues. 

After that, MCSG members participated in ice-breakers and introduced themselves, which took up the majority of the meeting.

Later, Associate Dean of Students and MCSG advisor Andrew Wells discussed the importance of working with students collaboratively. MCSG works with the administration in order to make important decisions regarding the future of the school. 

Rebecca Gentry ’23 won an internal nomination process to work as speaker for the LB. 

MCSG made several decisions regarding election procedures. The filing period was shortened to a week and a half and the voting period was shortened to 72 hours. 

Additionally, MCSG discussed how to work well with the student body. One idea involved coming into classes to receive feedback on how MCSG is doing and educating people on how to run for positions. The LB also discussed partnering with student organizations to engage the student body and expanding current MCSG members’ office hours.

Returning members then offered a summary for new members of how the various committees — like the Financial Affairs Committee and the Program Board — work together and function. 

The meeting ended with a reminder to members about an upcoming two-day Zoom retreat where MCSG members can get to know each other.