Meet the Spring 2020 Mac Weekly Staff!

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Photos by Celia Johnson ’22.

The Mac Weekly Spring 2020 Staff!

Editors in Chief Hannah Catlin ’21 and Morgan Doherty ’21.

Associate News Editor Estelle Timar-Wilcox ’22 and News Editor Margaret Moran ’21.

Features Editors Bergen Schmidt ’22 and Gracie Ellsworth ’22.

Sports Editors George Steinke ’22 and Matt Glover ’22.

Food & Drink Editor Lily Deheny ’22 and Associate Food & Drink Editor Alekos Tetradis ’23.

Arts Editors Betsy Barthelemy ’21 and Izzy Gravano ’22.

Associate Opinion Editor Yiğit Can Kahyaoğlu ’22 and Opinion Editor Amy Vandervelde ’21.

Web Editor Maya Sobchuk ’22 and Web and Design Editor Katherine Irving ’22.

Photo Editor Celia Johnson ’22 and Media Editor Kori Suzuki ’21.

Lead App Developer George Clare Kennedy ’21.

Ad Manager Margo Miller ’22.

Managing Editors Rebecca Edwards ’21, Liam McMahon ’20, and Abe Asher ’20.