MCSG Overseer: Election code revised

John Fillion, Contributing Writer

This week’s MCSG meeting began with an update from MCSG President Blair Cha ’20 on the recent survey sent out to all members of the Legislative Body (LB) on the climate of MCSG meetings.

Cha voiced her hopes to set the next MCSG leaders up for “success” following next year’s elections.

Several committee chairs then gave updates on their most recent projects. Student Organizations Committee chair Camden Moser ’20 reported the chartering of four new student interest groups: Macalester for Bernie, Macalester for Warren, Macalester Development Group and Macalester Whistling Fools.

Diversity and Inclusion Officer Robert Green ’23 then discussed his recent meeting with the admissions and financial aid offices.

“I asked a total of 20 questions with 10 comments that were generated by members of the LB and also by the public… I got incredible feedback,” Green said. 

“Some things that we really touched on and that came out of the meeting was what does diversity really mean and the idea we really need to create a definition that is… similar to what the student body believes,” he continued.

After these updates, MCSG broke into three groups to discuss revisions to the election code, facilitated by Financial Affairs Committee member Jason Kohn ’20, Academic Affairs Committee (AAC) member Karinna Gerhardt ’20 and Student Organizations Committee member Linden Kronberg ’22.

The majority of the revisions addressed violations made by candidates in the past year’s election and how to better phrase the code to explain what would constitute a violation.

Following the group breakout session, the LB reconvened for a summary of the discussion. Some members expressed interest in a timeline outlining when future revisions will be made.

“We are going to be meeting in the next week to address the comments made, and we would like to have a draft that we feel comfortable bringing through the LB peer votes by the next meeting,” Kronberg said.

Following this discussion, the LB broke out once again to discuss goals for the year and ideas for potential events that could be coordinated for each class.

Suggested events included a fuzzy socks night with hot chocolate and snacks for the first-years, and a career-oriented lunch with alumni for juniors.

The meeting concluded with members of the LB sharing their planned Halloween costumes.

Highlights included sexy milkmen, the Duolingo owl and space unicorns.

Further elaboration by AAC member Josh Groven ’23 revealed that being a space unicorn meant “unicorn onesies… and astronaut helmets on top.”

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