Letter to the Editor from Jerry Crawford

Jerry Crawford, Chair of the Board of Trustees

The Macalester College Board of Trustees’ decision on the SRC/FFM proposal was the culmination of years of effort by everyone involved.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out how impressed our Board was with the student involvement in the process.  FFM has been at this for years, and while they may have gotten frustrated by the delays, they never stopped being patient and understanding with the Board.  In the end, we got to a place that made us all proud.

The student body got their role just right.  From the inspired orange mortar board “X’s” at graduation last spring to the peaceful sit-in last Friday, the FFM leadership and students who joined them continued to impress the Board of Trustees at every stage.

President Rosenberg and his staff believed in them and sang their praises for effective advocacy.  The Board’s Investment Committee kept an open mind and helped spearhead the Board’s response.

Thanks to all for such a great process and outcome.