Meet the Fall 2019 Staff!

Photos by Summer Xu ’20.


The Mac Weekly 2019 editorial staff!
Editors in Chief Abe Asher ’20 and Liam McMahon ’20.


Sports editors Matt Glover ’22 and George Steinke ’22.


Top row: News Editor Rebecca Edwards ’21 and Associate News Editor Margaret Moran ’21. Bottom row: News Editor Hannah Catlin ’21.


Features editors Bergen Schmidt ’22 and Gracie Ellsworth ’22.


Web Editors Lindsay Weber ’21 and Katherine Irving ’22.
Ad Manager Liv Gigliotti ’21.
Media Editor Kori Suzuki ’21.
Arts Editors Malcolm Cooke ’21 and Izzy Gravano ’22.
Opinion Editor Amy Vandervelde ’21.


Food and Drink Editor Lily Denehy ’21.