Faculty Appreciation Nominees – Voices on Mental Health

First, We’d like to thank all those who helped distribute this survey out to the student population. Specifically, we want to thank all the department coordinators for really get the word out to the students in their department(s). The success of this project is in no small part to your help. So, thank you.

Throughout the course of late February to spring break, the student org Voices on Mental Health in collaboration with the Disability, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness (DCPCI) Identity Collective ran a survey that opened up the opportunity for students to anonymously thank their professors for the work they did regarding the students mental health, mental illness, disability, chronic pain, chronic illness, neurodiversity, mental wellness, etc. Below is the list of all faculty who received at least 1 nomination from a student in alphabetical order by department:

Karin Aguilar-San Juan, American Studies
Lizeth Gutierrez, American
Studies Chris Wilcox, Art
Rivi Handler-Spitz, Asian Languages and Cultures
Arthur Mitchell, Asian languages and Cultures
Lin Aanonsen, Biology
Devavani Chatterjea, Biology
Liz Jansen, Biology
Jerald Dosch, Biology
Sarah Boyer, Biology
Kristi Curry-Rogers, Biology/Geology
Ron Brisbois, Chemistry
Susan Green, Chemistry
Wessam El Meligi, CMME
Nanette Goldman, CMME
Sarah West, Economics
Tina Kruse, Educational Studies
Daylanne English, English
Ben Voigt, English
Andrea Kaston-Tange, English
Amy Elkins, English
Sierra Lomuto, English
James Dawes, English
Ping Wang, English
Matthew Burgess, English
Christie Manning, Environmental Studies
Daniel Trudeau, Geography
Brian Johnson, German/Russian
James Von Geldern, German/Russian
Linda Schulte-Sasse, German/Russian
Katrina Phillips, History
Jessica Pearson, History
Crystal Moten, History
Jenna Rice Raheim, International Studies
Sachiko Dorsey, Japanese
Marianne Milligan, Linguistics
Paul Cantrell, MSCS
Susan Fox, MSCS
Shilad Sen, MSCS
Vittorio Addona, MSCS
David Shuman, MSCS
Andrew Beveridge, MSCS
Lian Duan, MSCS
Alicia Johnson, MSCS
Brianna Heggeseth, MSCS
Howard Sinker, Media and Cultural Studies
Janet Folina, Philosophy
Geoffrey Gorham, Philosophy
Samuel Asarnow, Philosophy
Diane Michelfelder, Philosophy
Martin Gunderson, Philosophy
Anna Williams, Physics & Astronomy
David Blaney, Political Science
Michael Zis, Political Science
Lesley Lavery, Political Science
Althea Sircar, Political Science
Darcy Burgund, Psychology
Brooke Lea, Psychology
Cari Gillen O’Neel, Psychology
Jaine Strauss, Psychology
Joan Ostrove, Psychology
Erik Davis, Religious Studies
Susanna Drake, Religious Studies
Jim Laine, Religious Studies
Nicholas Schaser, Religious Studies
Deb Smith, Sociology
Teresa Mesa Adamuz, Spanish and Portuguese
J. Ernesto Ortiz Diaz, Spanish and Portuguese
Beth Cleary, Theater and Dance
Corie Hammers, WGSS