Latinx Week culminates with large turnout at annaul showcase

Latinx Week culminates with large turnout at annaul showcase

Macalester hosted its annual Latinx Week last week from April 1 to April 6. Adelante!, Macalester’s Latinx identity collective, hosted daily events to celebrate Latinx culture and issues. The week included a scavenger hunt, a dance workshop, a cooking night, and the Latinx showcase.

Latinx Week is the biggest event Adelante! sponsors each year, and planning all of the events takes a lot of effort from the group. Adelante! co-chair Wanda Barradas ’21 said the club organized the events hoping to create a social space for Latinx people.

“All of the events are open to Macalester, but what we do is all Latinx, so if it’s a game night it’s Latinx games, if it’s a dance workshop it’s Latinx dances,” Barradas said.

It’s also a way of reaching Latinx students who may not be part of Adelante! or know it exists.

“That’s something that resonates with us a lot,” Barradas said. “That’s the goal of Latinx Week — [to] let them know that we’re here for them and that even though you’re far away from home, we can still have community.”

The showcase, which was held in Kagin Commons on Friday night, featured both Macalester students and outside performers. Mexican and Peruvian dance groups from around the Twin Cities demonstrated classic traditional dances. Members of Adelante! read poems, played guitar, and danced.

Barradas was pleased with attendance at the showcase. Macalester students, staff and faculty were present at the event, many even participating in one of the dances.

Members of the club were happy with the enthusiasm and turnout for this year’s events.

“I think it went well,” Barradas said. “I think we had a better outcome than last year so that was definitely a good thing.”

Barradas said she personally appreciates the week for the time it gives Latinx students to be represented and celebrated.

“This is the only week or the longest amount of time that we have for Latinx communities. Having this week… celebrates who we are and what we do and celebrates our home and families.”