Way Back at Mac: Comic Sans context, what we laughed at


The Mac Weekly

Numerous artists and philosophers have declared that art transcends time. Stirring our emotions and engaging our intellect, art connects past, present and future generations within the human experience. That being said, it can also apply to more niche intergenerational groups, and, since this is The Mac Weekly, let’s focus on the Macalester experience. Though much has changed at Macalester through the last 145 years, the core of an institution tends to remain intact, and this can be said of Macalester. Whether it’s the professors, academics, culture or the little Macalester moments, there are elements of the Macalester experience that stick. The following four comics taken from The Mac Weekly archives capture a notion of the transcendent Macalester experience, be it course requirements, the absurd price of textbooks or practical jokes.

These comics were all published in The Mac Weekly in the early 1960’s. They are by Dick Bibler. Bibler was a comic artist who was incredibly popular in college student newspapers from the 1940’s until the 1960’s. “Little Man on Campus” comics are often bawdy and poke fun at authority in a collegiate enviroment. Photos courtesy of Macalester archives.