Winter Choir Concert

Audrey Kellar

The Macalester Chorale and Concert Choir performed in a joint concert on Saturday, Dec. 1. Both groups were conducted by Director of Choral Activities Michael McGaghie. This concert was supposed to include the Angelica Cantani Youth Choir, but the snow that fell earlier in the day prevented them from coming.

However, news that the Angelica Cantani Youth Choir couldn’t make it didn’t lessen the spirits of either choir. The show started with the Concert Choir singing the upbeat Norwegian piece “Gropen.” Violinist Connor O’Brien soloed on the piece.

After the Concert Choir concluded this opening piece, the Chorale took the stage. They sang a wide variety of songs, ranging from Hungarian folk music to Sephardic ballads. The program held something for everyone. The Chorale was accompanied by Maureen Armstrong and Christine Dahl on the piano. The Chorale performed five songs, one of which included four short movements. The Concert Choir returned to the stage after the Chorale finished their performance. The ensemble sang folk tunes and heart wrenching ballads, accompanied by collaborative pianist Mindy Eschedor. They sang seven pieces. Their final piece was the traditional Appalachian americana song “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.”

Since I am a first-year, this was my first time seeing these ensembles perform. I didn’t know what to expect from the performance, but I was blown away. The amount of talent that these singers have is remarkable. With each new song, another layer of goosebumps pricked my skin. Each member of the ensembles seemed to be in their element. They sang with a sense of grace that only comes from a high level of practice. You’ll definitely find me at more choir concerts in the future, and I highly recommend you see these ensembles as well.