Students award professors with recognition for Mental Health awareness

Earlier this semester, Voices on Mental Health sent out a survey to the student body asking for professors who were supportive or helpful with their mental illness, disability, or mental health.

Below is a list of all faculty for which at least one student felt their actions towards mental health, disability, and/or mental illness were worthy of recognition. We also want to thank all students who participated in the survey as well.

Mario Solis-Garcia, Economics

Will Mitchell, MSCS

Vasant Sukhatme, Economics(Retired)

Jonathan Hamilton, Educational Studies

Tina Kruse, Educational Studies

Crystal Moten, History

Rosa Rull-Montoya, Spanish and Portuguese

Jaine Strauss, Psychology

Ariel James, Psychology

Kate Reiling, Entrepreneurship

Dennis Cao, Chemistry

Erik Davis, Religious Studies

Kelly MacGregor, Geology

Scott Legge, Anthropology

Matt Burgess, English

Penelope Geng, English

Deb Smith, Sociology

Joan Ostrove, Psychology

Samantha Cakir, Economics

Katrina Phillips, History

Martin Gunderson, Philosophy

Andrea Kaston-Tange, English

Ruthann Godollei, Art and Art History

Ronald Brisbois, Chemistry

Andrew Beveridge, MSCS

Tom Halverson, MSCS

Zeynep Gursel, International Studies

Laura Smith, Geography

Vittorio Addona, MSCS

Ritsuko Larson, Japanese

Lori Ziegelmeier, MSCS

Pete Ferderer, Economics

Getiria Onsongo, MSCS

Christina Knudson, MSCS(no longer here)

Erik Larson, Sociology

Susan Fox, MSCS

Michael Mcgaghie, Music

Paul Dosh, Political Science

Libby Shoop, MSCS

Paul Cantrell, MSCS

Lin Aanonsen, Biology

Nicholas Schaser, Religious Studies

Christina Manning, Environmental Studies

Sarah West, Economics

Jim Dawes, English

Ben Voigt, English

Holly Barcus, Geography

Wendy Weber, Political Science

Lisa Mueller, Political Science

Amy Sullivan, History

Kristi Fackel, Art and Art History

Brigetta Abel, German Studies

Ashley Nepp, Geography

Leola Johnson, Media and Cultural Studies

Sonia Mehta, Educational Studies

Tiffany Gleason, History

Kristin Heysse, MSCS

Ian Whitehead, MSCS

Margaret Olson, Spanish

Julia Chadaga, German and Russian Studies

Wessam El Meligi, Classical Mediterranean and Middle East

Christina Esposito, Linguistics

Stephanie Farmer, Linguistics

Jim Laine, Religious Studies

Brian Lush, Classical Mediterranean and Middle East

Lian Duan, MSCS Alicia Johnson, MSCS