Semester riddled with hate markings ends with two more swastikas found in library


Jennifer Katz

Timeline by Celia Heudebourg ’18.

In light of the administration’s decision to stop publicizing incidents of hate speech in the Mac Daily, The Mac Weekly is committed to covering these acts of hateful vandalism on campus.

Campus Security discovered two swastikas drawn on a study desk in the library on the morning of Nov. 30, according to the Campus Crime and Fire Log. These are the tenth and eleventh swastikas to be discovered on campus since the beginning of this semester.

Seven of the previous swastikas were found in Neill Hall, an academic building, and two were found in residence halls. On Nov. 2, Campus Security also discovered anti-Arab hate speech written on the door of a custodial closet in a residential building.

According to Associate Director of Security Bill Collumbien, Campus Security has been working to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators of these acts.

“We are continuing to review each incident on a case-by-case basis to determine any patterns or other information we can use to identify the person or persons responsible for these actions,” Collumbien wrote in an email to The Mac Weekly.

Campus Security is working with an investigator at the St. Paul Police Department (SPPD) to conduct their inquiry. “We communicate on a regular basis with new or updated information,” Collumbien wrote.

St. Paul’s Office of Public Information, which serves as a liaison between the SPPD and the community, did not respond to requests for comment.

Campus Security posts all security notices on its website under “Current Alerts”. Those notices remain posted for a week before being removed. After the notices are removed from the website, they remain visible in the online Campus Crime and Fire Log.