Café Mac Hacks: The panini press is back

It’s back! The much loved, and very well-used panini press has been replaced. No more waffle iron sandwiches – the real deal is back. After a rough few weeks, the broken panini press in Café Mac was replaced with a new one, and our faith in sandwich making has been restored. A good panini really can make your day that much better. While heading down to The Loch for a panini is always a possibility, being able to choose your ingredients and make your panini just the way you like it is unbeatable.

One of the most exciting aspects of the panini press is the endless opportunities it presents. There are a large variety of meats, cheeses, spreads and other toppings you can use, as well as many ingredients from the salad bar to make your panini exactly what you want it to be. Paninis go great by themselves, but even better when paired with a cup of soup or a well-made side salad. Classic combinations like grilled cheese and tomato soup can always bring comfort, a great way to make a bleak day seem brighter. Additionally, you can show off your cooking skills by creating a salad that perfectly complements your sandwich.

Here is the recipe for our favorite sandwich: take two slices of bread (we used whole wheat) and slather both with butter. Head over to the cheese section and take two-to-three slices of cheddar (or whatever you prefer) and spread them out equally across the bread. Add sliced tomatoes and ham if you wish. Throw it on the panini press and wait for the cheese to become a warm, gooey consistency. Take the sandwich out and head back over to the sandwich bar. Add some lettuce for a nice crunch and grab a cup of soup. This sandwich is especially good to dip in the tomato soup.

Unfortunately, this great addition does come with a sacrifice. All-day waffles appear to have been replaced by the new panini press. While paninis are more of a lunch and dinner food, it was nice to have some hot, comforting breakfast food available all day. We will miss the exciting new opportunities all-day waffles presented us as we settle for mere breakfast waffles. However cool it was to have waffle-shaped sandwiches, it is nice to have nice, normal paninis again.