Macalester student community: We are with you

As a group of retired faculty, we sense at some distance the current dynamics of campus life.

Our understanding was deepened by a recent presentation by Professors Dolan and Saxe on the recent election. While we no longer have the privilege of being with you in classes, labs or seminars, we do identify with you.

With you, we struggle with painful rational and emotional conflicts motivated by swings of pessimism and optimism.

With you, we are disturbed and confused by our emerging situation and prospects.

With you, we search for vision, insight, and a better grasp of the most important issues.

With you, we face the hard tasks of listening respectfully to those with whom we profoundly disagree.

With you, we search for better persuasive resources that we, students and faculty, need to rebuild social and personal trust.

With you, we are trying to both expand and deepen our involvement in our broader communities.

With you, we will find and participate in groups and coalitions that sustain a democratic civic life.

With you, we are challenged to be more imaginative and innovative as we join in solidarity with those who feel the greatest threats of exclusion, harassment, and even violence.

With you, we will try to display the social courage that is always necessary for the on-going tasks of building democracy at all levels. And we trust you share our belief that reason and compassion together constitute our best hope for the future.

We want you to know that we are with you.

Chuck Green, Political Science
George Latimer, Geography
Ray Mikkelson, Physics
Jean Probst, Mathematics
Wayne Roberts, Mathematics
Jack Rossmann, Psychology
Truman Schwartz, Chemistry
Wayne Wolsey, Chemistry