This week in MCSG: book bank bill, ballroom dance allocation

At the MCSG meeting on Tuesday, December 11, the executives started by telling everyone that next semester’s retreat will be Jan. 28-29, the weekend after the spring org fair. Next year’s executive board will be elected in the middle of February, a change from a more staggered election schedule.

They also discussed religious org funding and the possibility of that funding falling more under the CRSL budget in the future than it does now. In order to alleviate some of the budgeting stress for orgs, there is some hope that the CRSL will “absorb funding for religious practice on campus,” President Merrit Stüven ’17 said. Chaplain Kelly Stone seemed to agree with the budgeting ideas, so the proposal will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the next meeting. If the new budget is not approved, Stone will still work with MCSG to make sure funding for religious practice is equitable.

The AAC “bill to formalize the book bank program at Macalester College” passed without opposition. Coffee and Donuts will again be happening in the library from 10 A.M. until they run out on both Sunday and Monday. At the faculty meeting this month, the new neuroscience major was approved and the school’s response to the election was discussed in a workshop format.

The FAC presented an additional allocation for Ballroom Dance at Mac—$750 for space rental and instructor feeds for the spring semester. This works out to $50 per week, which according to the FAC is the best payment deal of any comparable org. The org’s funds were passed without opposition.