TMW PUPARAZZI: This week’s dog, Gus


Gus is ready to make friends and chase tennis balls. Photo by Lily Hannaher ’19.

Gus is ready to make friends and chase tennis balls. Photo by Lily Hannaher ’19.
Gus is ready to make friends and chase tennis balls. Photo by Lily Hannaher ’19.
When: Wednesday, Oct. 19th, 2016
Where: Crossing Macalester Street, opposite of Weyerhauser
Name: Gus
Owner: Richard Michell

TMW: What kind of dog are you?
Gus the dog: I’m a farm dog, adopted as a puppy. I’m an Australian Shepherd mix, but mixed with what? Who knows?

TMW: How old are you?
G: Some days I’m feeling 10 years, others I’m feeling 70.

TMW: Tell us a little bit more about yourself, Gus.
G: Everybody says I’m very friendly and loving­—I just get along with everyone. Tall humans, mini-humans and of course other dogs. Chasing squirrels is my favorite thing to do on campus, but it’s a close second to tennis balls. Finding a couple old ones is always a real treat. The prime place to find them: by the outdoor tennis courts, in those tall, wild grasses. My owners do have one complaint (only one though): I’m pretty vocal. Warning: saying hello might get a little loud. I’m also familiar with a Mac professor! Jim Laine in religious studies. My brother, Patches — who sadly passed away about a year and a half ago — lived with Jim. Jim and Richard’s daughters picked us pups out together when they were just pups themselves.

TMW: What’s your favorite place to walk?
G: Macalester! It’s an easy destination — within a block or so of home. Also my solid friendship with all the groundskeepers makes Mac an even better place for a casual stroll.
TMW: What’s your favorite food?
G: Anything, anything I can get my paws on. (But especially the treats from the groundskeepers).

TMW: And your favorite toy?
G: Tennis balls, if you couldn’t tell.

TMW: What is your favorite activity?
G: Retrieving said tennis balls.

TMW: What kinda college student could you see yourself as, Gus?
G: I’m pretty athletic, definitely could be a defender on the soccer team (I have coached the young, smallish humans in my spare time before). And I’d major in IS — being good with everybody, I could be a great diplomat one day.