New orgs introduced, old orgs funded

Ryan Leopold

The most recent Macalester College Student Government (MCSG) meeting, which was held this past Tuesday evening on October 5, was much shorter than normal. Instead of being roughly two hours, the meeting ended up being only an hour. Due to the Vice Presidential debate that night, MCSG made sure to briskly but thoroughly go through the agenda, even if it was rather brief.

Among the most notable topics covered during the evening, the Student Organizations Committee (SOC) introduced a group of representatives from Dare to Dream, a potential Student Org that is awaiting approval from the MCSG. Dare to Dream focuses on helping undocumented individuals by providing information to the Macalester community and supporting undocumented people in the community. MCSG will vote at their next meeting on whether to approve their charter. The SOC chair also mentioned Fossil Free Mac as an org that may seek approval from MCSG in the near future.

In addition, the Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) also brought forward a budget request for the MASECA Annual Diwali Dinner. MASECA originally requested $2,212 for the dinner expenses; however, the FAC cut this recommendation by $200 due to experience from past dinners being overfunded. Class of 2018 Representative Aarohi Narain is currently a member of MASECA, so questions about the funding were directed towards her. The budget request passed with overwhelming support.