Molly Adams dominates in the midfield

Brian Eisner

The first-years on the Macalester women’s soccer team have already made a strong impact this season, chief among them Molly Adams ’20. A center midfielder, she was thrust into the starting role after Kelsey Porter ’18 went down with a knee injury. So far she has excelled while playing heavy minutes, including two complete games.

“No freshman hazing,” was the first thing Adams said, when asked how soccer at Macalester has been different from high school.

But soccer isn’t all Adams wants to do at Macalester. In the classroom, Adams, whose first-year course is in the American Studies department, is already confident that she wants to study a social science discipline.

Aside from academics, “Mac Outing Club sounds really cool,” said Adams, who went on to say that she might join the club after the end of the soccer season. Sticking with the theme of physical activity, Adams hopes to start playing ultimate frisbee as well. Adams is also an adept juggler, both on and off the soccer pitch, and is interested in photography. Whatever may happen, Adams for sure will continue to make an impact on soccer at Macalester in the upcoming years.