Café Mac hacks: The ultimate curry burger

Jane Roarty

This past Tuesday, as we were sitting around a table in Café Mac our friend came up with a brilliant idea. After sampling all of the dishes Café Mac had to offer for lunch, we found one in particular that stood out. This one dish at South, a delicious tomato and yogurt curry, left all of us wanting more, and we knew just the way to try it. While dipping naan in curry is great, it doesn’t always provide you with enough sustenance to really fill you up and give you enough energy for the day. Naturally we wanted to create something filling and delicious, a truly great Café Mac meal: the curry burger. Instead of having your burger on a bun with the usual ketchup and various condiments, why not take your patty, spread some curry on top and stick it between two pieces of naan? We decided it was time to give it a try.

In order to make this delectable dish or something similar to it, first go to the Grille and ask for a veggie burger patty. When we made it, we used the black bean burger so we are unable to vouch for any other type of burger. Next, go to South and get four pieces of naan and some tomato and yogurt curry if they have it. If not, try out another type of curry and tell us how it is!

Once you have all of your ingredients, bring it back to your table and gently cut the burger in half so that it does not fall apart. Lay each half of the burger on separate pieces of naan. Now decide how you want to apply the sauce—we tried both drizzling it on the burger and dipping the burger into the curry, and both were delicious. However, we found the dipping method to provide a more intense flavor experience. Cover the sandwich with the other piece of naan, and try it out.

Our thoughts? We loved it! The light spice of the curry on top of the flavorful black bean burger was a perfect combination resulting in culinary paradise. The naan added a texture which cannot be replaced by the traditional burger bun and did a great job of holding the sandwich together. The combination of these ingredients, perhaps with a side salad, provides the nutritional balance each meal needs—carbohydrates from the naan and fiber and protein from the black bean burger and tomato yogurt curry. Try it on your own, and tell us what you think!