FAC funds The Mac Weekly, Turbovote

Ryan Leopold

The main focus of the evening, Sept. 20, was on two additional allocations. The first one was for The Mac Weekly, and the FAC recommended that the paper should be given $1408.42 for two issues this Fall. The original amount asked by The Mac Weekly editors was for $2816.85 for four issues they did not have funding for, two in the Fall and two in the Spring; however, the FAC decided to recommend additional allocations for the two issues this semester, and for The Mac Weekly to come back at the beginning of the next semester with another request. This motion passed.

The second additional allocation discussed was for TurboVote, an online service that attempts to increase voter turnout, particularly on college campuses. The minimum amount of funding needed to institute this program at Macalester would be $1000, and the CEC has already pledged $300 to this program. These funds would be used only for this current election cycle. Despite some skepticism, particularly from the FAC Chair Sydney Keilor due to how TurboVote would work with other orgs on campus to get out the vote, this motion also passed overwhelmingly.