Café Mac hacks: Cheese & apple pizza

Jane Roarty

Tired of the same old, same old Café Mac pizza? Sure it started out great, but after three weeks of the same flavors you might be craving something new.

Try our delicious creation and give your tastebuds an exciting new treat. This week we decided to give pizza a new topping. Rather than parmesan or pepper flakes, we decided to top our pizza with thinly sliced red apples. Now you might be thinking this sounds gross, but it has its health benefits; it gets in one of your daily servings of fruit along with the deliciousness of gooey cheese and seasoned tomato sauce.

This eye-opening hack will allow you to dive into the endless possibilities Café Mac has to offer, if you’re not afraid to be bold and try something new. Let us know what you think of the apple pizza and stay tuned for next week’s creation!