WMCN Spotlight: Who’s Sampling?

The Mac Weekly

Each week The Mac Weekly speaks with a DJ on Macalester’s radio station, 91.7 WMCN. This week we sat down with Evan Meerscheidt to talk about his show, “Who’s Sampling?” every Monday from 4:00-5:00 p.m.

TMW: What is your show and what can a listener expect when tuning in?

EM: My show is “Who’s Sampling?” It is a hip hop based radio show that looks at sampling in rap music. What I do on my show is I play a rap song that contains a sample of another song, then I play the song that is sampled. This leads to a really interesting mix of songs on my show. The show is 50 percent hip hop and the other 50 percent is an eclectic mix of jazz, soul, rock and alternative.

What do you try to accomplish with having a radio show?

I am trying to illuminate the intricacies of production in hip hop. I think by demonstrating the many influences in hip hop, it adds more character to the genre. In my opinion, a lot of people see rap as a genre that is really isolated and uninfluenced by the rest of music. On the contrary, I feel that hip hop has proven to be a creative melting pot of many different musical genres and ideas.

How do you select your music?

I usually select my music by choosing similar rap songs, and then I find the samples. For example, I had an Old School show where I played a lot of A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B & Rakim [and] The Wu Tang Clan. Then the next week, I played a lot of “trap” rap. I had some A$AP Ferg, Travis $cott, etc. I enjoy choosing my music this way, because it creates a wide array of samples that I can play on my show.

If a listener tuned in at random, what would they hear?

If someone was to tune in at random they would probably hear some Kanye. I am a huge fan of Kanye’s sampling. He was one of my biggest inspirations in creating my show, so I always try and throw in a Kanye song each show. He is so creative with his sampling. He uses anything from soul to rock to alternative. He even sampled a movie score, which I thought was really innovative.

What was the last song you listened to? Does this reflect what you play on your show?

“Break The Bank” by Schoolboy Q. It has a really funny sample from MarioKart. It definitely reflects what I play on my show. I have a lot of Schoolboy, really any of the guys from TDE (Top Dawg Entertainment). I mostly listen to rap music, and to be honest any other bands I listened to I probably discovered because they were sampled!