A boy and his barbeque: A review of Famous Dave’s

Upon coming back from getting a “highly-esteemed” product (an old iPod) from a guy named Brian on Craigslist, I decided to continue my capitalist-faded trends and try another “highly-esteemed” product: Famous Dave’s. I’ve seen Famous Dave’s products everywhere in grocery stores, and finally decided to give it a shot. Before I start reviewing the food, I want to review the name of the restaurant. It’s called “Famous Dave’s Barbeque Shack.” If you know anything in the food world, you should know that you don’t need to call your place “famous” if it’s actually famous­ — kind of like how Donald Trump has to compensate his Donald for his Trump, if you know what I mean. Second of all, what’s the big deal of calling your place a shack if there’s literally more than 50 tables? Shake Shack also hopped on this trend of trying to be “modest,” and, while I can’t speak on behalf of Shake Shack, I can assure you that Dave’s place would be overstated to call a shack.
I love barbeque. I had the chance to spend my Bar Mitzvah money on anything; I could have bought a pinball machine, an Xbox or even travel to Disneyland. I spent my money going to Kansas City for a week to try barbeque by myself.

I love barbeque almost more than anything in this world, and you wouldn’t have to pay me to bathe in it. However, I wouldn’t bathe in any of Dave’s sauces. Sorry, Dave. When I sat at the table, I saw five different sauces, two spicy, one trying to be a Carolina sauce (more vinegar), one being a Georgia mustard and the final being just the standard. While it’s fine to experiment with different types of sauces, the saying “Quality over Quantity” really has credence in this situation.

I was only able to try two of the meats (Pulled Pork and Brisket) and the macaroni and cheese. Once again, this “famous” Dave guy is trying to cover many different regions of barbeque, but none of them are good. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, Dave. The meats, while being made the day of and smoked in the restaurant, were completely bland and dry. These are the two qualities you don’t want in barbeque. While I heard that the ribs were the “best” thing on the menu, they were too expensive for my budget, so maybe I’ll try them later.

Additionally, the service was beyond helpful, but let’s be honest, I’m not going to the restaurant for the service. If you’re thinking about going to this place, I guess I would try the ribs because everything else was pretty underwhelming. I hope this review finally gave the meats some kind of “roast.”