WMCN DJ profile: Millie Varley

Each week The Mac Weekly speaks with a DJ on Macalester’s radio station, 91.7 WMCN. This week we sat down with Millie Varley to talk about her show “Lady Jams” every Wednesday from 3-4 p.m.

What is your show and what can a listener expect when tuning in?

I usually start out with some songs and then talk about some ladies, because all of the songs are by women. There are some bands that have men in them, but they’re all female-centered.

What do you try to accomplish with having a radio show?

It’s mostly for myself to look for more female singers. One of my friends said she didn’t like any female artists, and there’s just no way that you don’t like female singers, you just don’t hear them that much. Personally, it just makes me search out female artists, but also I hope that my family hears cool music. I have a pretty female-heavy family, and growing up in this household has influenced my music as well.

How do you select your music?

Mostly Spotify. It’s great. I do make an effort to make sure that every playlist has some kind of diversity. I play all types of different music, but on top of that I always try to have one song that isn’t in English. I also definitely pick people who aren’t white and search out trans women, etc. It’s important to search for different artists.

If a listener tuned in at random, what would they hear?

My melodious voice. I hope when someone tunes in, they enjoy it. I also talk about important educational things, such as female activists in the past and present. I try to make all the songs relevant to current issues that our society faces today.

What was the last song you listened to? Does this reflect what you play on your show?

I was listening to the playlist on Spotify called “Women of Folk and Americana.” It was “Big Hoedown” by James Leva … After some research, I found out it was co-written by Carol Elizabeth Jones. Spotify has a lot of cool “Women of” playlists that have modern and past singers. Last week my playlist was pretty folky and this week it is pretty hip-hop.