Macalester’s Nordic Ski Club on how to actually enjoy winter


The Nordic Ski Club with their gear. Photo courtesy of Zoe Bowman ’16.

The Nordic Ski Club with their gear. Photo courtesy of Zoe Bowman ’16.
The Nordic Ski Club with their gear. Photo courtesy of Zoe Bowman ’16.

The Nordic Ski Club just completed the American Birkebeiner and had some time to talk about the club. Zoe Bowman ’16, Leo Kendrick ’16, and Michael Murphy ’19 shared information about Nordic Ski Club, why Nordic skiing is so great and what makes the club so special.

When asked what Nordic Ski club is about, Bowman, a co-captain of the Nordic Ski Club, said, “We got skiing all the time.” The club will take daily vans, one in the afternoon and one after classes are finished, to various ski courses around the Twin Cities. As co-captains, Bowman and Kendrick drive the club to wherever they need to go, be that a local course or race. Races are a fun but optional component of the club. “The two main events we participate in are the City of Lakes Loppet in Minneapolis and the American Birkebeiner in Hayward, Wisconsin, which are both in February. These are both longer-distance marathon events of varying lengths,” Kendrick explained. For the first month and a half of the Spring Semester the Nordic Ski Club will head out and ski for the afternoon. “Anyone is invited to join at any time. They just have to show up,” Bowman said. The club has extra ski equipment if someone is just looking to try it out for the first time. Whether you’re just starting off or a life-long Nordic skier in terms of experience, “We have a coach at our practices twice a week that can show you the ropes,” Kendrick assured anyone who may be hesitant to join because of skill level.

“My favorite part of skiing is exploring the outdoors during the winter. I feel like I get trapped inside during the colder months of the year. Skiing is a great way to get out into the open air and enjoy the winter,” Murphy said. Since the club is daily, it really allows for the members to leave the Mac bubble that can be particularly strong in the winter months. Bowman had the same sentiment. She said, “Nordic skiing really allows you to get off the campus and be outside”.

Along with getting out and about, Kendrick said, “It’s also a great full-body workout that gets you in excellent shape quickly, and you can feel significant gains even in a short season.” Nordic skiing is a full body workout due to the fast and vigorous pace that is involved in races, all while speeding down hills and taking sharp turns.

Kendrick’s favorite part of the club is getting to ski every single day during the winter. While the motion of Nordic skiing can be awkward at times, Bowman said, “It’s super cool to see people grow a lot over the course of a year that have never tried skiing … and just get out there and try it.” While skiing is a major part of the club, Murphy wrote about the community and people involved in the club, and said, “Whenever the team meets, it’s always a good time.” With the mixture of a great community and the ability to get out while the rest of Minnesota huddles indoors, Nordic Ski Club provides a winter experience and invites all who are interested.