How It’s Gonna Happen: Mac Weekly Oscar Predictions 2016

As it does this time every year, the Oscars are rapidly approaching, no doubt ready to bring us unending joy and hopefully some moments to remember. We at The Mac Weekly are avid fans (film buffs, some might say), and we hope you are too.* In celebration of the upcoming show, we would like to share our predictions with you, section by section. Also, don’t forget to watch The Oscars this Sunday, February 28 at 7:30 p.m.!

Best Picture:

Arts (Korbey + Keane): The Revenant

Features (Fuqua + Datta + Jereb): The Big Short

Opinion (Greenberg): Spotlight

Photo (Nieberg + Koh): The Revenant

Sports (Horvath): Spotlight

News (Britton-Melisch + Gustafson + Kenney): Spotlight

Food and Drink (Rhodes): The Big Short

EIC (Reilly): Mad Max: Fury Road

Spotlight (Johansen + Smith): Spotlight

Best Actress:

Arts (Korbey + Keane): Brie Larson

Features (Fuqua + Datta + Jereb): Brie Larson

Opinion (Greenberg): Brie Larson

Photo (Nieberg + Koh): Jennifer Lawrence

Sports (Horvath): Cate Blanchett

News (Britton-Melisch + Gustafson + Kenney): Brie Larson

Food and Drink (Rhodes): Jennifer Lawrence

EIC (Reilly): Cate Blanchett

Spotlight (Johansen + Smith): Saoirse Ronan

Best Actor:

Arts (Korbey + Keane): Eddie Redmayne

Features (Fuqua + Datta + Jereb): Leonardo Dicaprio

Opinion (Greenberg): Leonardo Dicaprio

Photo (Nieberg + Koh): Leonardo Dicaprio

Sports (Horvath): Michael Fassbender

News (Britton-Melisch + Gustafson + Kenney): Leonardo Dicaprio

Food and Drink (Rhodes): Eddie Redmayne

EIC (Reilly): Leonardo Dicaprio

Spotlight (Johansen + Smith): Leonardo Dicaprio

Best Supporting Actress:

Arts (Korbey + Keane): Rooney Mara

Features (Fuqua + Datta + Jereb): Alicia Vikander

Opinion (Greenberg): Rooney Mara

Photo (Nieberg + Koh): Kate Winslet

Sports (Horvath): Rachel McAdams

News (Britton-Melisch + Gustafson + Kenney): Jennifer Jason Leigh

Food and Drink (Rhodes): Rooney Mara

EIC (Reilly): Rachel McAdams

Spotlight (Johansen + Smith): Rachel McAdams

Best Supporting Actor:

Arts (Korbey + Keane): Christian Bale

Features (Fuqua + Datta + Jereb): Christian Bale

Opinion (Greenberg): Sylvester Stallone

Photo (Nieberg + Koh): Sylvester Stallone

Sports (Horvath): Tom Hardy

News (Britton-Melisch + Gustafson + Kenney): Christian Bale

Food and Drink (Rhodes): Christian Bale

EIC (Reilly): Mark Ruffalo

Spotlight (Johansen + Smith): Mark Ruffalo

Best Director:

Arts (Korbey + Keane): Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Features (Fuqua + Datta + Jereb): Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Opinion (Greenberg): Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Photo (Nieberg + Koh): Lenny Abrahamson

Sports (Horvath): Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

News (Britton-Melisch + Gustafson + Kenney): Adam McKay

Food and Drink (Rhodes): Lenny Abrahamson

EIC (Reilly): George Miller

Spotlight (Johansen + Smith): Tom McCarthy

**Editor’s Note: Though we love The Oscars as a celebration of great works of art, we do acknowledge that it is unquestionably imperfect. We as a staff do not condone or support the Academy’s exclusion of many marginalized communities from the show.*