Winter Ball at Minnesota History Center goes off without a hitch

Winter Ball was held at the Minnesota History Center on Saturday, Nov. 21.

“It was the best winter ball in Macalester history. The venue was beautiful, there were a variety of activities; it wasn’t only a dance. Plus, the food lasted the whole night,” Suresh Mudragada, Assistant Director of Campus Activities and Operations, said. “It was great to see so many students enjoying themselves.

No major problems with student behavior were reported, and for the first time in four years there were no hospital transports made during the event.

“Student behavior was the best I have seen at this program,” Mudragada said.

Program Board will send an email to students before the end of the semester to share information about the final amount raised for the North Side Achievement Zone, the organization selected by students to receive twenty percent of ticket sales.

Overall, the event was a success without any major problems.

“I would love to see us return to the venue, it was such a beautiful space,” Mudragada said.