Review: As You Like It

Macalester’s As You Like It does what any good Shakespeare staging should do: allow the Bard’s work to transcend the ages and move viewers of all stripes. From the show’s first moments of Orlando (personified by the seductive Dominic Rodgers ’19) bemoaning his brother’s misconduct, word and action alike crackle with compelling personality.

Other standouts (among an altogether incredible cast) include:
– Hannah Viederman ’18 (Rosalind), whose portrayal of an equal-parts twitterpated and Machiavellian heroine ensnares and captivates
– Elena Lindstrom ’17 (Celia), an actress who transforms a minor character into a major player through sheer stage presence alone
– John Stark ’16 (Jacques), deliverer of an “All the world’s a stage…” that silences and holds enraptured an entire auditorium
– Nora Spellane ’16 (Touchstone), who provides near-flawless rendering of Shakespeare’s “wise fool” archetype
– Sophie Nadler ’19 (Phoebe), whose impeccable comic timing makes her every scene a joy to experience

An intermittent musical score, the lion’s share of which falls upon the more-than-capable shoulders of local heartthrob Richard Lee Graham ’19 (Amiens), serves only to accentuate proceedings, evoking a deeper understanding of the show’s primarily pastoral setting (and the symbolism behind it). The simple, wistful and infectious closing tune is in fact an original composition over which Shakespeare’s lyrics are lain.

Fans of Shakespeare, go see As You Like It. Fans of good theater in general, go see As You Like It. New to Shakespeare and/or theater altogether? Go see As You Like It. It is a true delight.

As You Like It has its final two performances Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14, both at 7:30 pm. For tickets, visit