In Concert: The Dodos

The Dodos are a small group, comprised of frontman Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber, but their size should not fool you. A better indication of a great concert might instead be the size of the audience — and damn, was it crowded. For their Oct. 5 performance at the Triple Rock Social Club, a moderate sized venue on Cedar Avenue in Minneapolis, the Dodos packed in their fans tighter than a can of sardines which that just been vigorously steamrolled. Outside the sold-out show stood sulking ticketless fans, while inside the Triple Rock was a groundswell of excitement and anticipation for the Dodos to take the stage.

This excitement was well deserved. Long and Kroeber delivered their classic style of relentless bombastic drumming, harmoniously intertwined with guitar. This alternative style of combatively symbiotic playing not only makes their songs unique and instantly recognizable, but it also generates to a tremendous energy. Each song is its own fomenting torrent that continuously builds between the interplay of the dually dominant guitar and drums.

Just as unique as their sound is their stage presence. Despite eliciting a flurry of thrill the performers are markedly relaxed, as if the crowd was spying upon the two practicing in their garage. Catching their breath in between songs, Long would chat with the audience, while Kroeber sipped his beer and looked as cool as the other side of the pillow.

Playing songs from their new album Individ, the Dodos showed that after ten years and half a dozen records they are still as relevant, boisterous and brilliant as ever. Songs such as “Goodbyes And Endings” and “Competition” showcase Individ as a return to the primacy of the Dodos’ style, laying down the fast paced and intrepid guitar playing, effortless vocals and enthralling drums for which they are so loved. And just like their long career, the concert was energetic and entertaining the whole way through, excitement never dipping but improbably rising and rising throughout. Their diverse and distinctive style delivered a night of heartfelt and sublime music, leaving me and the rest of the Triple Rock crowd completely satisfied.