To Whom it May Concern

Shocked and saddened barely do justice to describe the reaction I had after hearing about Jennie Charlesworth’s termination from Macalester. Please take a few minutes to read why this decision may not have taken all considerations into account.

First of all, I have never met a more devoted and qualified coach during my time as a student-athlete. Jennie brings all of her passion to the game of water polo. I am not a water polo player, but watching games and being on the pool deck made me notice her immense knowledge for the game. She somehow has the patience and passion to make both water polo teams a success in every aspect in and out of the games.

More directly, she is one of the reasons our swim team stays afloat. She is the brains and organization behind most of our training trip to Florida every year. She plans meals, trips, schedules, lodging and much much more. Her delegation and organization cannot be matched. On top of training trip, she is always on deck and helping out at every swim practice. She is in charge of every lifeguard as well as being a coach, and somehow finds the time to assist the swim team and get to know each member. The behind-the-scene necessities usually go unnoticed because of how smoothly Jennie operates. Her dedication to the students and to the pool has always inspired me.

I worry about what my last year as a Macalester student-athlete on the swim team would be like without Jennie Charlesworth. I find it impossible to think anyone could be as capable or be up to the same caliber as her. With all due respect, I disagree with your decision. Jennie is of great importance to the swim team and everyone that steps foot on the pool deck. Please take the time to reflect and rethink how her termination will impact Macalester Athletics.

Tilly Bartelt