Grand Potato Tour: Birchwood Café

Birchwood Cafe feels tucked away, as if you are entering a zen safe-haven of fresh, well-made food, but luckily it’s only three and half miles away from campus, making it the perfect afternoon or evening getaway. When I went for dinner I had to try their fries, and I was not disappointed. When they arrived, I was greeted with a basket of slender cut, typical french fry fare. But, looks can be deceiving. They were actually a hearty tasting french fry, with a taste similar to a steak fry and topped with sea salt granules that were noticeably thicker than a normal tableside salt would be. I would definitely advise a dip to accompany this potato treat, as they were tasty but not seasoned enough to stand alone. At $6 a basket, they are an ideal size to share with one other person.