MPIRG update

We are happy to announce that MPIRG (known as “MacPIRG” on campus) will continue to exist at Macalester! Thanks to the cooperation and input of MCSG and Campus Activities & Operations, we were able to rewrite our charter and come to an agreement on funding options through the Financial Affairs Committee budgeting process that was initially impossible under our old charter. This was the unknown ‘Plan C,’ and we’re happy this could happen.

We budgeted for $12,371 of which $7,211 were approved. This funding, although less than we hoped, allows us to still be recognized as a part of the Minnesota Public Interest Research Group. Thus, Macalester students will continue to have access to conferences like the Youth Democracy Summit, hold positions on the Board of Directors to govern the organization and engage with the network of lobby experts and other students that makes MPIRG a powerful voice for Minnesota students.

We will also continue to organize projects and programming on campus to raise awareness and make progress on social, environmental and economic justice issues. We are incorporating many of the concerns we have heard over the last year in order to build a more accessible, communicative and inclusive organization that will better uphold student organizing work at Macalester. If you have ideas, we welcome your input as we restructure!

Thank you again for your ongoing patience and interest. We know the past 13 months have been an unsettled question on the status of our organization. Rest assured that 44 years of history will not be ending anytime soon.