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To the Future: Getting to Know Next Year’s Food & Drink Editors

TMW: How do you plan to maintain the legacy of this year’s Food & Drink section?

KR: I want to integrate more perspectives into the Food & Drink section. Our writers this year have been absolutely amazing, but I think it is time to explore food that is in new areas of the Twin Cities, those usually left unexplored. I also want to interview students about the best dishes they cook at home, either on or off campus. Mac students are so creative that I bet they have tons of interesting dishes to share. And for those who live on campus, tips for fellow dorm dwellers are also always appreciated; have a great way to spice up your Ramen? Let us know!

JK: It’s going to be tough to top this legacy, since I’ve learned so much about my cookie tastes this semester without even realizing it. Food and Drink has a long legacy of writing about food & drinks. I hope to continue that. If I ever stray from that mission, you can hold me accountable. I’m excited to balance all the great work that Food & Drink of yore has done, while adding my own twist to it.

TMW: Are you planning to start any new columns? Ben Schwed ’15 set a high bar with Grub on the Green Line. Allie and Kate also had the revolutionary Oreo column. Other innovations on the way?

KR: Drooling in the Dorms? Still thinking of different column titles, but would love input! Passionate about eating and writing about it? Great! We would love to have you. Although the Oreo column had a great run, I think it is about time to retire. There are a ton of other cookies in the world that still need to be explored.

Other than that I would love to include a weekly recipe column, either something from generations back in your family, or something you concocted that turned out to be great. It would be awesome to have a new dish in the paper each week that adventurous chefs can whip up at home.

JK: I come from a big Italian Catholic family that puts a lot of value on food and loves to cook. I bet you’ll see some old family recipes show up. Like Kate said, family recipes are great! I’d love to include a lot of those from different people, to get a wide group of voices in the paper.

Also, I’d love to include helpful tips and guides to grocery shopping on a budget, or quick recipes you can whip up at home — stuff that would be useful for people that are shopping and cooking on their own for the first time. That was pretty difficult for me when I moved off campus, so I’d love to include a lot of go-to information on that. I’d write about the best grocery stores in the area (Aldi’s!) and cheap means that will last a long time. I’m really domestic and a homebody, so while I’ll definitely keep reviewing restaurants in the area, I’ll write a lot about food and drink in the home.

TMW: Why are you the right person to take over from the work of Charlie Stanton? I hear he was pretty great.

KR: Hm, I hadn’t heard that… just kidding, Charlie was the best! I worked on Food & Drink as Charlie’s co-editor all this past year and I think that I have learned the ropes of the section. I also think it gave me insight into what has worked and what needs to be changed. The section this year was solid but there could definitely be some changes, just to freshen things up.

JK: You heard right. I feel like it’s an honor to take over for Charlie. He was fantastic; he knows food, he knows drink. Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

TMW: Kate has a pretty good sense of the section. Joe, how do you hope to complement Kate’s experience as a co-editor?

JK: I’m excited for Food & Drink because I feel like it’s going to be something completely diferent from what I’ve ever done before. For the past three years, News has been my baby. I loved being a news editor and editor in chief, and feel like that’s my niche. But I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something different. I feel like I know pretty well how to run a section and manage writers, so why not use my creative side a bit and try out Food & Drink? But I can’t do it all by myself. I’ll be editor in the fall (Kate will do it in the spring), and I’d love all of your help — if you have any ideas for restaurants to review, or columns you want to write, let me know! I’m all ears.

TMW: What are your favorite Twin Cities haunts for grub? Why?

K: Definitely Korea Restaurant. It is by the University of Minnesota’s stadium right off of the Green Lne. It is a tiny place, easy to miss, under a karaoke bar and a hair salon. It is pretty cheap and offers some of the most amazing, fresh Korean food that I have ever had. Having a hot bowl of Bi Bim Bop from Korea Restaurant during a Minnesota winter is one of my highlights in my two years at Macalester.

Korea Restaurant: 211 Beacon St SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

J: You’d be hard-pressed to go up University and not find a great place to eat. One of my favorites is Bangkok Thai, though — it’s a family-run restaurant with fantastic Thai food, and the portions are generous. When my friends and I went there for the first time freshman year, we really underestimated how spicy it would be, and we finished our meals pretty much in tears. Worth every bite, though.

333 University Avenue West, St. Paul MN 55103

If you’re looking for a great coffee shop off campus, Claddagh Coffee on West Seventh is fantastic and just a quick bike ride away. They’ve got great pastries, and perhaps some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It’s really quaint inside and has some beautiful artwork. If you’re looking to get off campus and find a fresh place to study, this is definitely worth the trek.
459 West Seventh, St. Paul MN 5512022

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