We’ve failed you: How to hold MCSG accountable

Dear Macalester,

Those of us on MCSG have failed you. Since my return this semester, I have learned of multiple instances where we failed to fulfill our duties, our requirements and our rules.

For example, at the start of the year we were supposed to put $20,000 in the Reserve Fund. We did not do that. This started a chain reaction where some of us then pressured the Lectures Coordination Board to give up their remaining funding for us, so that we could cover the last few additional allocations of this year. We voted and passed it on Tuesday night, giving them the ability to transfer this money over. We cloaked it in language of choice, but, to be honest, that language is a farce.

Every election I have participated in, either as a candidate or as a member of the EPC, has failed to fulfill some of the requirements. Candidates’ forums were not held; candidates’ meetings were not held; ballots for study away students weren’t sent out early enough. In some way, because of this, every election has been invalid. That is not fair to you, and I apologize for that.

To finally bring accountability to MCSG, I have written two bills, which I presented earlier this week on Tuesday night, and which will be voted on this coming Tuesday, April 21. The first bill gives you access to information by placing the texts of bills and resolutions in the hands of The Mac Weekly, creating a deadline to place new bills and resolutions on our website, and finally by creating a binder in checkout reserve at the library with updated bills and resolutions.

The second bill, however, is much more contentious. This bill requires outgoing and incoming executives to work together to identify their duties and create a plan for fulfilling them on time. It goes through the by-laws and assigns responsibility for individual articles and sections to different groups. And lastly, it states that the moment a by-law or constitutional/ legal requirement is not fulfilled, all responsible parties will be sent before the Judicial Council for an immediate hearing on removal from office.

This is harsh, but harsh enough. The goal is not to boot people off MCSG, but to make sure they fulfill their responsibilities, which we have a history of not doing.

If you want to make sure that we follow our own rules, that we hold ourselves accountable and that there is a way for YOU to hold us accountable, then please contact your reps and your executives, and urge them to vote for my bills as they appear now. Transparency and accountability have been promised. Now it’s time to deliver them.

To contact your MCSG representatives, reach out to any of the following:

Executives: Rothin Datta, Abaki Beck, Jennie Kim, Ari Hymoff, James Lindgren, Sana Naz

Class of 2015: Sean D’Amico, Hannah Trostle, Lucy Westerfield, Konnor Fleming, Rick Beckel

Class of 2016: William Theriac, Ian Calaway, Jolena Zabel, Nandita Elijah, Daniel Yee

Class of 2017: Cole Ware, Stephanie Martinez, Peace Madimutsa, Seth Loeffler-Kemp, Jennifer Grischuk

Class of 2018: Suveer Daswani, Caroline Duncombe, Chris Pieper, Diego Tamayo, Tejas Singh.