Amanda-Rae Barboza to replace Du as Assistant Director of ResLife


Photo courtesy of Amanda-Rae Barboza.

Photo courtesy of Amanda-Rae Barboza.
Photo courtesy of Amanda-Rae Barboza.

At the end of this year, Amanda-Rae Barboza will be leaving her current position as Residential Hall Director and take on a new role as Assistant Director of Residential Life.

Barboza has been a Residential Hall Director for several years and she explained that the transition, while exciting, is a big step.

“I think that as much as the residence halls are homes for students in the literal and community sense, they have become a home for me, too,” Barboza said. “Literally, because I live in Doty, but I think also it has been really nice to have the interactions with students.”

When Barboza first came to Macalester, she expected to be a Director for a year or two and then have to seek another job or opportunity. However, Barboza considers herself “very fortunate” to have stayed on campus for several years, while growing as a professional.

Barboza’s new position came after Keith Edwards, Director of Campus Life, announced his departure from Macalester. The College has restructured this position to give Residential Life more importance. Coco Du will take Edwards’ position as Director of Residential Life and Barboza will step into Du’s current position as Assistant Director of Residential Life.

“I’ll be working with the Hall Directors to oversee every single process that Residential Life is a part of, internally,” Barboza said. “That is everything from student staff selection, to opening and closing, and RA and professional training.”

Barboza explained that as Hall Director she was doing a lot of prep work for the RAs each month to prepare them, to have them think about their bulletin boards, and make sure they were personally connecting with the students on their floors.

“Now I’ll be overseeing the Community Learning Model. I’ll be overseeing the process and not necessarily be writing lesson plans and supervising students to carry that out,” Barboza said.
In her new position, Barboza hopes to continue her work around sexual violence prevention and she also wants to have the department interact with students in a more individualized manner so that students can feel connected to their community and living spaces, while knowing who they can turn to if they need help.