Love Thy Neighborhood – 4/10/15

As my time here at Macalester winds down, I’ve been pondering a lot about my experience over the past four years. How did Macalester affect me? Was the liberal arts education worth it? Am I happy I went to college in a city? How has Macalester and the neighborhood changed over my time here? Okay, I’ve been getting a little too existential, but senior year is a time for self-reflection right?

I’ve also resigned to the fact that some questions will never be answered. So I came up with a list of questions I still have:

1) Why hasn’t a stoplight been installed at Macalester St. and Grand Ave.?

2) Is dumpster-diving at Breadsmith important to the Macalester experience? If so, when do they throw the bread away?

3) Do people actually shop at Patagonia regularly? Why do they get their own parking lot?

4) Is that T-shirt store next to Avalon ever open?

5) How long will it take to replace the Cat-man-do awning?

6) Why does Ace Hardware have a whole aisle of craft specialty sodas?

7) Has anyone ever used Stoltz Dry Cleaners?

8) Do people go on dates to Carmelo’s Ristorante? Or to Taste of Thailand or LuLu’s?

9) How do I live in the apartments above Patina?

10) What’s going to happen to the Whole Foods store once it opens a new location?

11) Is the Highlander always running a sale?

12) Who drove into St. Paul Corner Drug? Will they keep the ice cream bar?

13) Can I call the people at Family Tree Clinic if I just need a little affirmation?

14) Does Common Good Books actually sell any books? Each time I go in, it seems like they have twice as many books as last time I visited….

15) How old is the candy in the Highlander? Do people buy candy there?

16) Is it okay to eat at the small wooden table in St. Paul Cheese shop or do I have to go eat somewhere else?

17) Why do people go to the Tap when most people live north of campus?

18) How long can I park in the Visitor’s lot without feeling guilty about parking there?

19) Should I take the 84 or just walk to the Green Line?

20) Do people actually wave the orange flags as they cross the street?

21) Why do we have progressives during winter? Doesn’t it make more sense to just stay in one place?

22) Should I wear a coat to Kagin?

23) Is Dupre really hurricane-proof?

24) Who goes to the Subway at Fairview and Grand?

25) Where do people get their haircut?

26) Is Chino Latino authentic? Quintessential Uptown?

27) Is coffee and cake at Shish too cliché for a date?

28) Will I use the semester unlimited bus pass?

29) Do people get late night snacks at FedEX Kinkos since it is open 24 hours?

30) Rosedale or MOA?

31) Why aren’t there any decent happy hours on Grand Ave.?

32) Is Kopplin’s too far to go for coffee?

33) How many coffee shops do we need?

34) How long will it take me to get to Trader Joe’s? Target?

35) Do people use their Aux points off campus? If so, has anyone ever used them at Culver’s or Noodles & Company on University Ave.?

36) What building on campus is 1600 Grand? Are they all 1600 Grand? (Actually, 1600 Grand the address doesn’t exist—it is a made-up address agreed upon by USPS and Macalester).

37) Why does—err—DID the ACTC bus go in one direction?

38) Who shops at Coat Of Many Colors?

39) Why did Cow Bella close? Will we be getting another gelato place? How about frozen yogurt?

40) How many buildings does Macalester really own in the neighborhood?

41) Has anyone ever gone to Burger Moe’s (the one that advertises on the concrete bench on Grand Ave.)?