DJ Spotlight // Anthony Simone


Photo courtesy of Anthony Simone’16.

Photo courtesy of Anthony Simone'16.
Photo courtesy of Anthony Simone’16.

DJ: Anthony Simone Show Name: The Simone Hour Time: Sundays, 9-10 p.m. 91.7 FM or streaming online at

What’s the format of your show?

My show is a blend of talk radio and music. Each week I have a guest on to talk about some important social or political issue. I have had people on to talk about everything from ISIS to vaccinations. Rather than have commercial breaks, which most radio stations use to give guests time to collect their thoughts, I play music, usually blues or rock and roll.

Could you tell me about one of your favorite or most memorable shows/guests/topics?

They have all been lively and informative. I’m always impressed with the enthusiasm of people I ask to come on the radio. I learned a lot during the show on the science of vaccines, when I brought in a biology major to talk about the science behind them. Their technical knowledge supplemented the social arguments I was making.

What are some plans you have for future episodes?

I’m planning to do a show on early childhood education this coming Sunday or in the near future. It’s topical, as Mark Dayton wants to boost spending on preschool programs in public schools. There are some pretty interesting debates on how this should be done, which warrant discussion.

Who would be your dream guest?

Possible dream: I’d love to have a Macalester professor on the show to talk about an issue that relates to their area(s) of expertise. I like showcasing other students but I think I could boost the show’s credibility with a scholarly voice or two.

Less but still possible dream: I recently did a show about income inequality both in the US and at Macalester, and my guest was part of the group raising awareness about the salary growths of Macalester’s administration staff. I would love to have President Rosenberg on the show to hear his perspectives on the matter.

What other WMCN shows do you like listening to?

Sometimes I listen to the show right after me, Keepin’ it Weird. I think they are creative and often times quite funny. I also tune into Hash-Slinging Slashers to support my friend and fellow DJ, DJ Patty-B. It’s not really my style of music but I enjoy the banter. I really should listen to more shows regularly because I tend to enjoy what I hear when I randomly tune in, which is pretty often.