Mac Mods recruiting

Is it comfortable to be different at Macalester?

Choose 2,000 educated people at random out of any directory and you are likely to find a variety of opinions on politics, religion, hot issues and movie favorites. Any place of employment is likely to have the same variety. Variety is healthy. Most of our regular, daily environments do not mimic a scene out of George Orwell’s 1984.

But what about Macalester?

We operate a group called the Macalester Alumni of Moderation, or the Mac Mods. We would like to hear from Mac students — and professors — who are uncomfortable speaking up against the leftist party line in classrooms and faculty meetings. Macalester waves the diversity flag all the time. But looking at your curriculum, something seems missing: intellectual diversity, replaced by a political correctness Orwell would immediately recognize.

The Mac Mods will hold another session during the June Alumni Weekend. In the past, we’ve been approached by students and several professors. We seek your input, pro and con, and would welcome a dialogue on these pages.

Feel free to contact any of us. Your comments will remain anonymous. If you prefer to talk, email us with your phone number.

Jim Burho ’70 ([email protected])
Roger S. Peterson ’67 ([email protected])
Robert Spaulding ’64 ([email protected])