Luxurious living on a college student budget


So I don’t know about you, but I like to think that having an apartment makes me an official grown-up now, and, as an official grown-up, I strive to impress people with my material aesthetic and surround myself with nice things. Unlike my idealized ultra-chic cosmopolitan conceptualized adult, however, I have a serious budget issue.
While I would love to live in the home department of the Anthropologie store, I am stuck with thrift stores, garage sales, online exchanges (shout out to MacThrift!) and Target in reality. If you are like me, the stereotype of a frugal liberal arts college, here are some tips for how to swankify your place and create the illusion of having your oh-so-grown-up life together. If your parents, employer, Jim Hoppe or Taylor Swift happen to prance into your place, you will be armed and ready!