Fun facts about Americans and their food on Super Bowl Sunday


Photo courtesy of Flickr user Pekka Rautiainen

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Pekka Rautiainen
Photo courtesy of Flickr user Pekka Rautiainen

1) Domino’s Pizza estimated that on Super Bowl Sunday they would deliver nine million pieces of pizza to viewers. around America (Fox Sports).
KR: I sure hope they were delivered by people dressed up as Katy Perry’s sharks!
CS: Or Missy Elliott.

2) According to the National Chicken Council, an outstanding 1.23 billion chicken wings were consumed on Super Bowl Sunday. That is more than 100 million pounds of chicken (Fox Sports).
CS: A wing for every person in India.
KR: National Chicken Council?…. That is my favorite council!
CS: I just applied for an internship there after graduation. Their social media team is supposed to be a fowl group of cats.

3) Though we find it hard to believe, vegetables are one of the most common foods to be eaten during the Super Bowl (Fox Sports).
KR: pshhh….. okay….
CS: Actual lol. Doesn’t the Department of Agriculture consider ketchup and corn syrup to be a veggie? It is outside my imagination to conjure up a world where Americans chow down on brussel sprouts during the Super Bowl.

4) Super Bowl watchers will down 325 million gallons of beer, according to (Huffington Post).
CS: Just a nice bubbly bathtub, right?
KR: No words.
CS: Actually though, most of that is Bug Light. Just…OUCH!

5) Those watching the Super Bowl will eat 3.8 million pounds of popcorn (Huffington Post).
CS: I ate that much when I watched all seven Harry Potter movies in a day.
KR: Imagine how much time it took to pop all that popcorn.

6) Fans will spend $2.37 million on soda this Super Bowl Sunday, according to Shape (Huffington Post).
KR: That money should go right back into paying for free dentist trips for everyone with Super Bowl Sunday cavities.
CS: Soda tax? Help pay off the national debt?