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10 Super Bowl foods that you should be eating year-round anyway

Head to 80 N. Snelling Avenue to Buffalo Wild Wings, a real American experience.
Head to 80 N. Snelling Avenue to Buffalo Wild Wings, a real American  experience.
Head to 80 N. Snelling Avenue to Buffalo Wild Wings, a real American experience. Photo courtesy of Flickr user Mike Mozart.

Charlie Stanton: In the spirit of constantly creating lists, we have decided to reflect on our past Super Bowl food choices. Please take these into account when you plan your next party or breakfast tomorrow.

Kate Rhodes: I am a horrible Super Bowl groupie. While I enjoy the sport of football, and get a kick out of the advertisements, unlike many of my friends, I am usually not one to partake in the entire “Super Bowl” culture. This year, however, I was inspired.

1) Chips and guacamole:

CS: Chips and guacamole is an absolute classic for any day of the week, but it reigns supreme on Super Bowl Sunday. I could bathe in guacamole. Moist skin, anyone? Homemade guac is especially a treat. Hefty amounts of lime juice is essential. I also recommend Hint of Lime Tostitos if you are feeling extra zesty. According to the Huffington Post, Americans were expected to consume 158 million avocados on the 2015 Super Bowl. That’s more avocados than the populations of Thailand and Vietnam combined (Huffington Post).
KR: My overall favorite, both during the Super Bowl and in life. To reiterate, you can never have too much lime juice… Best served in those nice cup shaped tortilla chips, even the guac in Cafe Mac can be a delicious treat!

2) Chili:

CS: My house made about nine pounds of chili on Sunday and it was glorious. I would be less inclined to bathe in it compared to guacamole. However! I suggest that you get a crew together and prepare it. There’s lots of slicing and dicing in the process, your house will smell of America and it’s a fantastic group activity.
KR: Chili is always a staple at my home during the winter. Over the years my dad has begun experimenting with new types: vegetable, white bean, you name it. But I will forever be loyal to that good old fashioned, ski slope, meat chili. My point is that you should eat chili at any chance you can get. It will warm your belly, and brighten you up come another freezing Minnesota winter.

3) Buffalo Wild Wings:

KR: This is the epitome of the Super Bowl. While I, the estranged football supporter, have only ever had them once in my life, they are one of the most common foods seen on tables on Super Bowl Sunday, both on TV and in reality. They come in so many flavors that there is something for everyone. Like that tear jerking spice factor? Or a simple zing? You will most certainly be satisfied!
CS: I love wings. Buffalo Wild Wings is an especially impressive American food group. Where else can you get “Asian Zing,” “Caribbean Jerk” and “Thai Curry” wings? Truly an international culinary experience. I have jet lag just thinking about it. It’s headquartered in Minnesota. Support your local business!

4) Pizza:

KR: Pizza is the best. Toppers, Domino’s, I will eat any pizza, anytime, anywhere. My personal favorite is the Buffalo Chicken pizza, that hot sauce really just lights up a room! But a pizza party is not complete without sauce (I’m looking at you, Ranch!), so make sure you get extra next time your taste buds are screaming for some cheesy goodness.
CS: Whatever you do, no Buffalo Chicken Pizza. Pizza is good though.

5) Pulled pork empanadas (that your overzealous friend brings to the party):

CS: I have a friend who spent hours cooking pork last Sunday. He is excitable and he performed above and beyond the order by crafting homes for the pulled pork in the form of beautiful doughy shells. If you have a friend like this, take advantage of their talents and also have them make gorgeous lil’ snackies for you.
KR: I wish I had a friend like this! The most my friends and I cook is ramen. We don’t even boil our own water, we just stick the whole thing in the microwave and hope for the best.

6) Artichoke Dip:

KR: Yes. Get in my belly. This is solidly my favorite dip ever, followed closely by french onion. Artichoke dip done right is creamy and flavorful, making a dull chip into a piece of artistic cuisine.
CS: My extended family rarely went this far on vegetables. We just ate cream cheese en masse. Go with the artichoke dip. It’s all the vegetables that some will ever eat in their lives.

7) The veggie and/or cheese plate:

KR: A classic dish, these plates always seem to make an appearance, may it be at a Super Bowl party or in The Mac Weekly office. Personally, these plates always give me flashbacks to my parents’ book groups where I was shooed off to my room ­­­­­­– but aside from those #traumaticmemories, some vegetables on the table never hurt anyone.
CS: Vegetable? You are right, vegetables on the table usually stay on the table.

8) Trail Mix (if you are the Cross Country Team):

CS: I will never know how this made it on the list. If you constantly envision yourself on a hike then some good ol’ raisins and peanuts is the ticket. I prefer it as a snack to hold me over between classes. But the XC team allegedly has made this a staple wherever they go, from Super Bowl parties to pregaming Kagin.
KR: There are many forms of the holy trail mix, but in my opinion, the only ones worth eating are those where the chocolate to nut ratio is near even. The more chocolate the better, especially if it is dark chocolate.

9) Random foods in the shape of footballs:

KR: This seems to becoming a trend in recent years. In fact Buzzfeed already has an entire webpage dedicated to “23 Cute Football Snacks,” all of which are in the shape of, you guessed it, footballs! These range from football whoopie pies to deviled eggs with the chives placed to mimic the lacing…
CS: I pray for a day in America where all footballs are made out of foie gras and Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. What could go wrong?!
KR: That would be mushy on impact!

10) General regifted sweets from holiday season:

CS: Get yourself some mint meltaways. People always have leftovers from the holiday season, bring them to your local Super Bowl party. They will be inhaled.
KR: It is never too late to break out the candy canes…never.

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